Armani: Brand for Handsome Men

Armani sonnenbrille - Today Armani is among the most well-known clothing brands on the planet. But there is lots of history behind its success. Giorgio Armani came to be in Piacenza Italy during 1934. Initially Giogio Armani was thinking about the healthcare industry and studied it in the University of Milan. Following that he started working on the infirmary in the Italian army. When he left the army he went in to a very different field and turn into a window dresser with a departmental store, and soon transfers to the men's section. This is when his fascination with the fashion industry was born.

Klik hier - Inside the 1960s he started designing clothing for males and advanced to turn into a freelancer for fashion houses. After lots of hard work he eventually opened his own company in 1975 called Armani, and up until the 1980s the 'Armani Suit' had become extremely popular. It revolutionized the style industry with its remarkable suits, he used distinctive fabrics and his designs and cuts were significantly more comfortable than anyone had ever experienced in a suit.

Armani initially only designed suits nevertheless in 1979 it diversified into other clothing categories too. It now offers accessories, shoes, even, jewelry, Eyewear, watches and clothing home interiors.

Sub Brands of Armani

1. One sub brand of Armani is the Emporio Armani, it only designs clothes which can be of top quality and are very costly. Besides, clothing it also sells underwear, Eyewear and fragrances.

2. Another sub make of Armani is Armani-Collezioni that provides ready-to-wear clothes.

3. Armani Jeans is a cheaper clothing line featuring denim products, which had been created by Giorgio Armani in 1981, since that time it has become extremely popular and it has purchased in countries all around the globe. It is available in almost all shops.

4. Armani Exchange was also developed by Giorgio Armani in 1990s which is very popular among young adults. This clothing line is moderately priced

5. Armani junioir is a clothing line which features cloths specially created for children.

6. Mani was introduced by Giorgio Armani which sells designs from previous years with a cheaper price.

7. Giorgio Armani Black Label is the most expensive clothing line by Armani, which is sold exclusively at Armani boutiques. This brand never continues on sale and is recognized for its extremely high quality paired with very high prices.

8. Armani Prive is definitely the clothing line focused towards Hollywood stars.